Sunday, February 9, 2014

✪ 1987 RoboCop Speaks Out About The New 2014 Remake ✪

Original 1987 RoboCop Peter Weller and Wife about 2014 Remake
Original 1987 RoboCop Peter Weller talks about the new remake
Peter Weller the Original RoboCop and his wife Shari Stone reflects on the new RoboCop Remake at the opening of the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie.

RoboCop is coming back, the trailer was just released, well you know it's got a nod to the original, so they do show some respect to it and I am kinda curious, do you feel it's necessary to remake any movie and if so, what's the RoboCop remake gonna be?

Wife Shari Stone: No to redo movies, like some of the great movies is..

Peter Weller: Sinful

Wife Shari Stone: It is, sometimes you don't mess with it.

Peter Weller: There should be a list of 25 movies that you should not never touch. I'm done with RoboCop, but watching it twice, I watched it twice and it is anthropological. You can watch it in a hundred years you can harken back to your say what was the political socio-economic dynamic, what was the idea of commercialism, was the beginnings of the age information ripping off identity. Was there a story of identity theft? All that stuff is pressure to be written in nineteen eighty-one filmed in 1985, 86 and still live. Not to mention Phil Tippets extraordinary stop motion animation.

And Verhoevens infusion of medieval, just because he got an degree in medieval history you know. All of the mythic images of resurrection, you want the book of Job or Jesus or Egypt the do Leme e or Frankenstein. They're all there and that's Verhoevens, so it's going to be hard movie. Sorry guys wish you well, hard movie to beat.

Listen there's only one thing that's changed, the technology is changed. Storytelling in movie making is still the same doesn't matter what you use you know, Mitchell camera, Panaflex or RED cam you know or an Alexa, it's the same deal you've got a good story, good interpersonal relationships. And you can beef it up with some facts, but that's the gift of RoboCop you know, it's humor and it's poignant story of resurrection, redemption, and it's particular political message for anybody who wants to seize it. That's why it's not, the only distinction now is that you could throw a million dollars or more a eighty million dollars, see Jack by the way that's also what makes this film star trek into darkness resident because JJ tells you human started family's safety safety politics and you know economics and survival it's not just you know, battles and in space.

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