Sunday, February 9, 2014

✪ 1987 RoboCop Speaks Out About The New 2014 Remake ✪

Original 1987 RoboCop Peter Weller and Wife about 2014 Remake
Original 1987 RoboCop Peter Weller talks about the new remake
Peter Weller the Original RoboCop and his wife Shari Stone reflects on the new RoboCop Remake at the opening of the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie.

RoboCop is coming back, the trailer was just released, well you know it's got a nod to the original, so they do show some respect to it and I am kinda curious, do you feel it's necessary to remake any movie and if so, what's the RoboCop remake gonna be?

Wife Shari Stone: No to redo movies, like some of the great movies is..

Peter Weller: Sinful

Wife Shari Stone: It is, sometimes you don't mess with it.

Peter Weller: There should be a list of 25 movies that you should not never touch. I'm done with RoboCop, but watching it twice, I watched it twice and it is anthropological. You can watch it in a hundred years you can harken back to your say what was the political socio-economic dynamic, what was the idea of commercialism, was the beginnings of the age information ripping off identity. Was there a story of identity theft? All that stuff is pressure to be written in nineteen eighty-one filmed in 1985, 86 and still live. Not to mention Phil Tippets extraordinary stop motion animation.

And Verhoevens infusion of medieval, just because he got an degree in medieval history you know. All of the mythic images of resurrection, you want the book of Job or Jesus or Egypt the do Leme e or Frankenstein. They're all there and that's Verhoevens, so it's going to be hard movie. Sorry guys wish you well, hard movie to beat.

Listen there's only one thing that's changed, the technology is changed. Storytelling in movie making is still the same doesn't matter what you use you know, Mitchell camera, Panaflex or RED cam you know or an Alexa, it's the same deal you've got a good story, good interpersonal relationships. And you can beef it up with some facts, but that's the gift of RoboCop you know, it's humor and it's poignant story of resurrection, redemption, and it's particular political message for anybody who wants to seize it. That's why it's not, the only distinction now is that you could throw a million dollars or more a eighty million dollars, see Jack by the way that's also what makes this film star trek into darkness resident because JJ tells you human started family's safety safety politics and you know economics and survival it's not just you know, battles and in space.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

✪ Joel Kinnaman - I Wanted to Burn The RoboCop Suit ✪

Joel Kinnaman In Damaged 2028 Remake RoboCop Suit
Joel Kinnaman In Damaged 2028 Remake RoboCop Suit
It took Joel Kinnaman about an hour to get in the Robocop suit.

The first week of recording he was sweating so much that he lost 7 kilos in weight.

When we finished recording, I just wanted to burn the Robocop suit says the Hollywood Swede.

Kinnaman, who is now 34, receives us at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills.

He has just launched a total of 20 pr- days set aside to launch big-budget Robocop film.

It has gone well so far, he says, and takes one last puff on the e-cigarette before he sits down at the table.

His feelings about the suit surprises. Not least because of the role in the remake of Paul Verhoeven's classic 1987 had been his dream project from a young age.

When I was 10 or 11 years old, I must have seen the Robocop movie 20-25 times. My mom wanted to take me to a psychologist because she could not get me to stop doing my "robowalk" (laughs).

Cooling racing driver

Joel Kinnaman in the 2028 remake Robocop Suit
Joel Kinnaman in the 2028 remake Robocop Suit
The new Robocop movie version has been made more to show the dedicated police officer Alex Murphy's existence before his time as Robocop, the Organic Hybrid of man and machine.

I was not really interested in the project until I heard that Jose Phadilha would direct. I had seen his documentary "Bus 174" and thought his "Elite Squad" was the most interesting on the movie screen.

When they both met, Padilha said that he wanted to make the new "Robocop" with a political and emotional message.

Although in the back of my head I was wondering how he could do it, I thought it was both brilliant and courageous.

What Kinnaman had not counted on was the demanding recording midst of hot summer.

I had the same cooling system in the Robocop suit as racing car drivers have. When friends of mine visited, I sat in a director's chair. On the ground there was this huge machine.

From the machine went a hose that was inserted in the back of the Robocop suit that pumped cold water. From the armpit there was another hose. With the visor on the helmet lowered, I was smoking an e-cigarette and then vapor started to rise from the suit. They I thought, "What the hell is going on".

Joel Kinnaman Hollywood Actor
Joel Kinnaman Hollywood Actor

"Proud of the film"

Kinnaman laughs and imitates a monotone Robocop voice.

I said, "Wel-come-to-the-shoot-ing. Thank-you-for-your-vis-it."

Around 130 million dollars have the new "Robocop" cost to record. In comparison the 1987 RoboCop Movie Budget was 13 million dollars.

Yes and no answers Kinnaman when asked if he feels any pressure before the premiere.

For me it's about being a worthy representative. But I'm proud of the film and my own effort, and it makes things like this much easier.

Would the new "Robocop" be a success, it may lead to Kinnaman being recognized wherever he goes.

So far it has not led to any restrictions. Sometimes people come up and say something nice. So far it has been mostly positive.

It's the celebrity photographers he likes the least.

I try to avoid the restaurants that they guard, especially when I have my girl with me.


Do you avoid paparazzi because it's hard?

Because it's embarrassing to get attention when it is not connected to the work.

The RoboCop Sequel

If the Robocop remake goes as planned for the company it will be sequels.

The contract is written that way, yes, says Kinnaman.

It may mean that he has to pull on the suit again.

But on the set, he was not much sympathy by opponent Michael Keaton (who played "Batman" 1989)

He used to bore me. He said, "You have it easy. My costume was glued to me."

In hindsight, the experience has given Kinnaman a business idea.

I have been thinking about renting out the costume for boxers who want to lose weight before a fight. We can call it The "Robocop" method.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

✪ Actor Joel Kinnaman Filming Hitman Action Movie - Run All Night [2014] ✪

Actor Joel Kinnaman known from Johan Falk - Run All Night - RoboCop 2014
Actor Joel Kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman did an exellent acting job on the Swedish crime thriller series Johan Falk. It might not be the best Swedish action series but is certanily up there with the top. Actor Joel Kinnaman made the big move since then to become RoboCop.

Now our star RoboCop is filming another action called Run All Night (2014) Nothing much have been said about the movie but we know the storyline to be:

"An aging hitman is forced to take on his brutal former boss to protect his estranged son and his family."

Yes, yes I know what some of you are thinking, Road To Perdition? But details and filming is still being done so we have to wait and see.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

✪ Hilarious ED-209 DUBSTEP REMIX Video ✪

ED-209 Malfunctioning Scene
ED-209 On The Job
ED-209 is a gigantic metal behemoth with enough firepower to take on an entire army however due to its lack of intelligence and tendency towards clumsy malfunctions it still have a long way to go in development.

This is one hilarious dubstep remix video made of one of those moments when this monster of a robot goes haywire during it's presentation to the Omni Corp Team. Viewer discretion is advised. RoboCop will sure have his work cut out for him to tame this beast.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

✪ How Much of RoboCop is Human or Organic? ✪

From the movie we can still see that Robocop has a human brain and face but what more is organic? Is Robocop for the most part "robot"?


The death of Murphy
The death of Murphy Movie Scene
Murphy was chosen to be the center of a new cyborg. With Murphy's brain, face, and other organic parts that we see in the movie attached to a life-support system inside a human-shaped titanium body.

The Cyborg Murphy was named RoboCop. His organic right hand had been destroyed before Murphy was killed, (the whole right arm actually fell of his body on to the floor in the shootout scene.) which made it necessary for the OCP scientists to fashion a working robotic replacement prosthesis arm anyways.

While the surgeons were able to save the left arm, Bob Morton (head of the RoboCop Project) insisted on giving him an entirely artificial body.

RoboCop Titanium Kevlar Prostetic Arm Crush
RoboCop Titanium Kevlar Prostetic Right Hand vs Human

Bob Morton said "I thought we all agreed on total body prosthesis, now loose the arm OK". 

While the scientists where somewhat reluctant to do a total body prosthesis and remove Murphy's fully functional human arm, Johnson when asked by Bob Morton what he thinks said "well he signed the release forms when he joined the force, he's legally dead, we can do pretty much what we want to him. The response from Bob Morton was "loose the arm". The left arm was then removed.

RoboCop's external-skeleton was made out of titanium, and was coated with kevlar, rendering him essentially bulletproof. His hands and legs were enhanced by hydraulic motors, enabling him to crush a human throat with his grip and break through concrete walls.

RoboCop Gun Target Practice and Retractable Interface Needle
His hands were capable of exerting 400 foot pounds (570 N·m) of torque, which would be enough to crush every bone in a human hand. In addition to the crushing force of the robotic hands, RoboCop is also able to punch through concrete walls and knock down steel reinforced doors right of their hinges. And if any Crook would be unlucky to receive a knocking blow from RoboCop he would be sent flying several feet in the air.

One of the more scary things that RoboCop have in his hand however apart from the massive canon of a gun, RoboCop also use a Retractable Interface Needle. Now this needle acts more like an modern USB port and is a way for RoboCop to "get online", connecting to computers in a more traditional manner.

Checking otherwise locked police database files, playing media and loading information. So there is a clever multiple purpose use for this needle and it is not only a last defence weapon.

Although equipped with computer-fast reflexes and capable of near-human mobility (such as the ability to drive vehicles and navigate stairs), RoboCop's ground speed and maneuverability was somewhat limited, due to the sheer weight of his titanium body.

(The third RoboCop film would have him given an attachable jetpack enabling him to fly when heightened mobility is called for.)
RoboCop Blueprint
RoboCop Blueprint

Now you might wonder does RoboCop eat? Why yes, however his digestive system is extremely simple. His remaining organic system require a limited amount of sustenance, which RoboCop is able to get from a rudimentary nutrient-paste solution. Johnson when he tries some of the nutrient paste solution he says, "it tastes like baby food".

Robocop eating Nutrient-Paste Solution like Baby Food
RoboCop Eats a Nutrient-Paste Solution like Baby Food