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✪ How Much of RoboCop is Human or Organic? ✪

From the movie we can still see that Robocop has a human brain and face but what more is organic? Is Robocop for the most part "robot"?


The death of Murphy
The death of Murphy Movie Scene
Murphy was chosen to be the center of a new cyborg. With Murphy's brain, face, and other organic parts that we see in the movie attached to a life-support system inside a human-shaped titanium body.

The Cyborg Murphy was named RoboCop. His organic right hand had been destroyed before Murphy was killed, (the whole right arm actually fell of his body on to the floor in the shootout scene.) which made it necessary for the OCP scientists to fashion a working robotic replacement prosthesis arm anyways.

While the surgeons were able to save the left arm, Bob Morton (head of the RoboCop Project) insisted on giving him an entirely artificial body.

RoboCop Titanium Kevlar Prostetic Arm Crush
RoboCop Titanium Kevlar Prostetic Right Hand vs Human

Bob Morton said "I thought we all agreed on total body prosthesis, now loose the arm OK". 

While the scientists where somewhat reluctant to do a total body prosthesis and remove Murphy's fully functional human arm, Johnson when asked by Bob Morton what he thinks said "well he signed the release forms when he joined the force, he's legally dead, we can do pretty much what we want to him. The response from Bob Morton was "loose the arm". The left arm was then removed.

RoboCop's external-skeleton was made out of titanium, and was coated with kevlar, rendering him essentially bulletproof. His hands and legs were enhanced by hydraulic motors, enabling him to crush a human throat with his grip and break through concrete walls.

RoboCop Gun Target Practice and Retractable Interface Needle
His hands were capable of exerting 400 foot pounds (570 N·m) of torque, which would be enough to crush every bone in a human hand. In addition to the crushing force of the robotic hands, RoboCop is also able to punch through concrete walls and knock down steel reinforced doors right of their hinges. And if any Crook would be unlucky to receive a knocking blow from RoboCop he would be sent flying several feet in the air.

One of the more scary things that RoboCop have in his hand however apart from the massive canon of a gun, RoboCop also use a Retractable Interface Needle. Now this needle acts more like an modern USB port and is a way for RoboCop to "get online", connecting to computers in a more traditional manner.

Checking otherwise locked police database files, playing media and loading information. So there is a clever multiple purpose use for this needle and it is not only a last defence weapon.

Although equipped with computer-fast reflexes and capable of near-human mobility (such as the ability to drive vehicles and navigate stairs), RoboCop's ground speed and maneuverability was somewhat limited, due to the sheer weight of his titanium body.

(The third RoboCop film would have him given an attachable jetpack enabling him to fly when heightened mobility is called for.)
RoboCop Blueprint
RoboCop Blueprint

Now you might wonder does RoboCop eat? Why yes, however his digestive system is extremely simple. His remaining organic system require a limited amount of sustenance, which RoboCop is able to get from a rudimentary nutrient-paste solution. Johnson when he tries some of the nutrient paste solution he says, "it tastes like baby food".

Robocop eating Nutrient-Paste Solution like Baby Food
RoboCop Eats a Nutrient-Paste Solution like Baby Food

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